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Christmas Recap
I had a great Christmas this year even though there were no traces of the holiday season at our house. Everything is still in a state of disarray so we didn't put a tree up and to top things off yesterday felt like a nice fall day. A lack of snow and decor didn't ruin the holiday. We had good food and it was fun just being together.

I got some really cool things this year. Books, money, bath stuff, Reader's Digest Loom Knitting Set, A balance ball kit, a blocking kit and much more.
I have to knit a pretty lacy shawl now that I have wires to block it. I have this great blue lace weight mohair blend yarn that I recycled from a sweater that is begging to be used. On a pattern hunt I must go.

The Hardest Button to Button
rainy tree
I hate when I can't find things. I recieved two packages of buttons on Monday and now I can't find them. I've been going crazy looking for these 300 little pretties. I just hope that I didn't throw them away on accident. Everything has been in such a state of disarray the past few weeks that I freak out when when things aren't where they should be.

Edit: I found them on my bed still in the shipping package. I really need to make time for myself because my stress levels are getting way too high.

Queen of the Brain Fart
Daily grind
Wow it's been one of those days when I just can't seem to get my act together.
This morning I took my dad to the hospital for some test and on our way in the door I told him we were going to the third floor but for whatever reason I got off on the second floor. GRRR. We had to wait for like 10 minutes before an elevator came that was empty enough to fit his wheel chair in.
Then later today I went to get his medicine and some food for this week and I forgot my wallet in the cab. I had taken it out to pay and some how I dropped it. So I ended up paying five bucks for the guy to bring it back. The only good thing is that I noticed it was gone right away.

Little mistakes like these really bother me because I'm usually not this careless but I've been sleep deprived lately. I've been taking care of my dad and helping my mom get ready for the construction that should start on our house tomorrow. I've done so much work over the past week but there is so much more cleaning and packing that needs to be done by tomorrow. I'm not sure I'll be much help tonight because I'm running on less than empty.

I guess I'm going to give LJ another try I can't seem to settle on a blog host. I just want a place where I share some pictures of crafty goodies and talk about random things going on in my life.

Overall I like LJ a lot I just don't like that its hard to connect with people who have your same interests as you.

Anyways its late and I have to wake up early so that I can take my dad to the Dr.


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